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Filipinas: Didi

Post #1

Author's notes.
My stories are based on my personal experiences. They are NOT fiction or fantasy. Each story is as close to accurate to what actually happened as I can remember, and I have a pretty good memory (even many years later).
In my experience, every woman I have been with, including every Filipina, has been unique in their physical (internally and externally), psychological and attitudinal makeup, but that is just my experience, which, with billions of women in the world, could be wrong. Likewise, what is possible or not possible for each couple is even more complicated and unique.
Please don't tell me that something is impossible just because it is outside of your experience (or what you have read or believed to be true). No one rule applies to everybody. If you think, "Oh, that is impossible," and you can't believe that something I wrote could have happened, then I invite you to stop reading my stories.
Nobody in this story was underage.
Didi was an extremely cute girl working at one of my favorite bars on Fields Avenue in Angeles City. I always passed through nearby Clark Air Force Base on my way to and from Laos. Because I often stayed for a week or so before catching my next hop, they almost always gave me contract transit quarters in Angeles City.
It was on one of these trips that I met Didi. She was tiny (maybe 4'8" or 4'9" tall and maybe 80 pounds). I had never seen her in the bar before, but I immediately saw how beautiful and petite she was. I asked the waitress about her, and she told me that Didi was new to the bar, she was 18, and that she was a cherry girl (virgin). I asked the waitress to send her to my table.
When she approached, I stood and said, Hi, I'm Pete."
"It is good to meet you, Pete. I am Didi," she said as she sat down next to me.
"Where are you from Didi?" I asked.
I am from the village of Taraka on the shores of Lake Lanao on Mindanao Island. It is a very long way from here," she replied. "My family is Catholic, but most in the village are Moro, so there weren't any good marriage prospects in the village unless she converted."
I had no idea what that meant at the time, so I asked, "What is Moro?"
"Being Moro means that they are Muslim," she replied.
I asked how long she had been in Angeles City and how she ended up in a bar, and she told me a story I have now heard many times. A recruiter came to talk with her parents and promised that he would find her work on Luzon so she could send money back to the family.
She was very surprised when the job turned out to be in a bar in Angeles City. She had no idea what the future held for her, but she was hoping that she would meet a nice man to marry. She said she might just look for a good man.
She seemed to be very shy. It may have been because Didi didn't exactly know how things worked in the bars or because she had been raised in a small village and wasn't all that good at English, but it affected her demeanor. For the most part, she was quiet and timid.
These weren't problems from my perspective. Too many bar girls would try to talk your leg off to get more lady drinks (non-alcoholic drinks that cost more than regular drinks). Didi answered my questions as well as she could, but she didn't initiate much of the conversation. After many hours in the back of a noisy Air Force cargo jet, I was ready for some quiet.
Nevertheless, we hit it off pretty well, and after a couple of hours, she was warming up. It probably didn't hurt that I was secretly spiking her drinks with a little bit of Everclear (which is basically tasteless when mixed) from a small flask I carried. I liked Didi, and when I asked the mamasan about bar fining her, I got the usual lecture about how she was a cherry girl and how I was not allowed to have intercourse with her (not exactly the language the mamasan used).
I replied with my normal, "I won't do anything she doesn't want to do," and then we were off to my room.
One of the nice things about living in a hotel is that you can get ice, so I got some on the way to my ankara yabancı escortlar room. I had some booze and mixers in my room, and as soon as we arrived, I mixed her a screwdriver with Everclear and orange juice. I made a drink for myself, too, but I left out the booze for mine, since I didn't want to get drunk.
We continued to talk while sitting on my bed while drinking our drinks. I think it surprised her that I wasn't immediately trying to grope her because that was what she had been warned about. Anyway, we talked for over an hour, and she made it through four drinks before I even kissed her. By then, she was much more pliable. She was still a shy, conservative province girl though, and her actions to that point had been very proper. I thought this might or might not go well.
I laid Didi down on the bed and proceeded to kiss her and to eventually give her deep French kisses. She obviously wasn't used to this and struggled a bit at first, but she was soon getting into it and kissing me back. Her barriers were coming down. Once she was warmed up and enthusiastically swapping spit with me, I let my hands wander around her body. At first, my hands were on top of her clothes, but then I unzipped the back of her dress.
She jerked a little in reaction to her zipper being opened, but I kissed her complaints away and soothed her by saying not to worry as this was allowed. Soon, her dress had been pulled off of her body and over her head. By now, she was really being affected by the booze, and she was becoming more agreeable to anything I did. She wasn't so drunk that she would pass out, but her judgement was definitely impaired.
I switched my kisses to her earlobes, her neck and her upper breasts. She was already moaning in pleasure before I kissed her breast just above her bra. When my lips got to her bra, I had her raise up just a little so I could reach around and unhook her bra. Rather than pulling her bra away, I just continued to kiss my way down until I was suckling her nipple with the bra still there under her breast.
In the process of me going back and forth between her nipples, pushing her bra above her breasts, and her getting entangled in the shoulder straps of the bra, she removed it herself. I leaned back a little to admire her beautiful little B-cup breasts. Anything bigger would have looked ridiculous on such a small girl.
I resumed suckling her nipples and let my hands wander lower to her little panties. I was getting closer to the paradise her body had in store for me. "This might work out OK," I thought.
The crotch of her panties was soon soaked by her juices as I rubbed her vulva through it. She asked twice if this was OK and then let me continue when I said it was. When I thought she was ready, I slid my finger past the edge of her crotch and onto her vulva. Again, she jumped, but she was so consumed by the pleasure I was giving her that there wasn't even a protest for this new move.
Didi's nipples were rock hard, and I had given her a couple of hickeys on her lower breasts before I trailed my kisses down past her belly button to her panties. I didn't try to remove them, and instead licked her through them at first. Of course, my tongue eventually found it way to the leg hole and under the material.
She was going wild. I mentioned that it would be easier to do this if she would take off her panties so they wouldn't be in the way, and she immediately removed them. I was surprised. This is where most virgins drew a line, especially those who had been warned by a mamasan to not give up their virginity, but Didi raised her butt off the bed and slid her little panties down her legs and off her feet.
Now, I could see every part of her vulva, from the little hooded clitoris at the top, past the labia to the vaginal entrance with her thin little hymen shielding the opening. I started by licking her labia to get her totally revved up.
I didn't have to do much before she was having a small climax on my tongue, and I hadn't even touched her clit yet. She had juices running out of the little hole ankara yeni escortlar in her hymen, and I used my finger to run through them to lubricate the rest of her vulva well.
I started sucking her clit while my finger explored her hymen. My sucking must have been enough to distract and relax her because pretty soon my finger was sliding right into and through the little hole in her hymen without causing her any pain at all. Her hymen was soon being stretched out by my finger.
I turned my finger, so that I was stroking her g-spot inside of her vagina. My finger was now two knuckles deep inside her vagina. Her hymen was still there, but it was considerably loosened by this time. I continued working on her clit and her g-spot simultaneously until she had a much larger climax.
I took advantage of her shaking and squeals to slide my finger the rest of the way into her vagina, but I didn't leave it in her. I pulled my finger out of her, so I could slide out of my own clothes. The result was her laying on her back, still climaxing with her legs spread wide, and me laying between her legs rubbing my cock up and down her vulva.
She was aware enough to again ask, "Should we be doing this?"
I assured her, "This is OK because my cock is not fully inside of your pussy and you can stop me if you want. This feels good, though, doesn't it?"
She just moaned, "Mmmm..." in reply.
That exchange seemed to calm her once again, and I continued to rub my cockhead against and into her wet vulva. It is funny how many Filipinas seem to rely on others to know what is OK or not, but I have found this to be true time after time with many of the Filipinas I have known.
Because she had just cum, I knew that it wouldn't take much to make her climax again. Soon, she was pushing against me, trying to gain more pressure against her clit. Yes, I was rubbing her clit, but I was also sliding my cockhead down around her vaginal opening where she would continue her rhythmic pushing against me.
When her climax finally broke, I made sure my cockhead was tight against her already loosened hymen, and Didi, being caught in the throes of her climax, pushed her hips down hard against my cockhead. Of course, what little was left of her hymen immediately tore wide open, letting my cock slide deep into her vagina (which I assisted by thrusting into her).
Since she was still in the middle of a very strong climax, she just continued to push against me over and over again, driving my cock all the way into her depths until it was pushed up tight against her cervix. She hadn't really felt any pain when her hymen was destroyed (she later said it was like a minor paper cut), and there was only minimal bleeding.
It wasn't until her climax waned that she finally realized that my cock was buried deep inside of her pussy. Of course, she panicked, saying, "Pete, we can't do this. The mamasan will kill me."
I replied, "It is too late to worry about that. You drove you pussy down onto my cock. There was nothing I could do."
As she mulled this over, I told her, "Now that you have already broken the rules, we might as well continue until you cum again. You should at least have the pleasure of finishing what you started."
She nodded, and I started slowly sliding my cock in and out of the depths of her pussy. It wasn't long, before her hips kicked in again, and she was pushing against me every time my cock drove into her.
Didi was one of the hottest little Filipinas I ever had the pleasure of fucking. Even though she was normally quiet as a mouse, she was a noise machine during sex. Moans, squeals and unidentifiable sounds were streaming out of her the whole time my cock was sliding in and out of her pussy.
I couldn't count how many major climaxes she had while I was fucking her, but it was a lot. Maybe it was just one continuous climax that didn't end. I don't know. Eventually, I couldn't hold back anymore, and I emptied load after load of hot semen deep into her womb. I felt like I was deep in a magical paradise, with electric sincan oral yapan escortlar energy flowing through my veins. What a feeling...
I don't think Didi even noticed me shooting my load into her. She was too engrossed with her own powerful climax. Climax I did, though, and before I was done, I'm sure that her womb was completely full of my sperm, all busily swimming around trying to find their prize.
I collapsed on her, and soon she was struggling to breathe. Did I tell you she was tiny? Anyway, I rolled off to lay next to her on the bed. After a while, I got up to clean myself off, and then I returned with a damp washcloth to clean her up as well.
She was already asleep, but I cleaned her thoroughly anyway. After cleaning her no-longer-private parts and removing the wet towel she had been laying on, I took them to the bathroom to wash the towel and washcloth and hung them to dry. Then, I went back and crawled into bed with her.
Didi was sleeping on her side, and I snuggled in behind her. With my hands massaging her breasts, my cock was soon stiff again, so I slid it between her legs and into her wet pussy from behind. I fucked her slowly this time because she was asleep, and I was able to fuck her to completion without her even waking up. I came deep inside her womb again, and then I just snuggled up to her back and left my cock inside of her as I fell asleep.
I awoke with a start when Didi woke to the realization that my cock was still stiff and inside her pussy.
She shrieked, "What have you done?"
I simply replied, "I didn't do anything. You pushed yourself onto my cock last night. Don't you remember? There was nothing I could do to prevent it."
She was stunned. Didi had despair in her eyes when she asked me how she was going to tell the mamasan. I suggested that she not tell the mamasan anything. She would still be treated as a cherry girl and nobody would be the wiser. I had no idea whether or not that would work.
Of course, Didi knew that she couldn't keep it a secret forever, but maybe it would work for a while. It turned out that another guy took her out a few nights later, with the understanding that she was still a virgin. When she let him fuck her, she blamed him for stealing her virginity and cumming in her. Since he was dumb enough to return to the bar the next night, he was then basically blackmailed, and ended up having to pay off Didi's debt to the bar and marry her.
In the meantime, though, Didi was completely impaled on my cock, and we didn't wait long before we were sliding together again in the ancient dance of love. Her tight pussy felt so good sliding on my cock, and because she was so tiny, every time I bottomed out in her, my cock would press into her cervix.
It didn't take much of that before she was once again cumming on my rod, and I was again spewing a huge load of sperm up through her cervix and into her womb. At no time did she complain of any discomfort, even though she had been a virgin the night before. There was no residual pain from her broken hymen, and I had returned for another sweet moment in paradise inside of Didi.
That was the only time I took Didi out, so all of the happenings after that night were told to me by another more experienced girl from the bar a few weeks later. I heard that Didi did immediately get pregnant, but I doubt that the guy she married was actually the biological father of her child. I put too much sperm directly through her cervix into her womb for her to have not gotten pregnant.
Nevertheless, the guy she married (a staff sergeant in Base Supply) got a good deal when he married Didi. She was a wildcat in bed, while always being submissive and compliant both in and out of bed, and I am sure that her new husband has been happy for the rest of his life. Hopefully Didi is happy too. She hadn't been in the bars long enough for it to change her, and she was basically just a sweet, simple girl from the provinces, so she would probably do well in marriage.
Some guys think that every girl working in a bar in the Philippines is a whore, but it simply isn't true. Indeed, those who have been working in bars for a long time are likely whores, but most new girls have no idea what is coming when they first arrive. Didi was just a nice province girl who found herself way out of her depth. Luckily, it worked out for her.
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