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Make Me Believe

Post #1

I was in the kitchen cleaning up when you got home from work. I heard you come through the front door, and I tried hard to stay focused on the task at hand and pretend as though I hadn't been waiting for you to come home all day. It was a blatant lie, of course, and my clothing fairly well advertised the fact. After all, who cleans kitchens in flirty, ruffly, short skirts and heels?

So it was that my back was to you as you walked into the kitchen. I heard you pause in the doorway, taking in the view - and then soft footsteps as you came up behind me.

"Hello, beautiful," you said - your voice low and velvety, faintly threatening. You slipped a hand into my hair and closed your fist - tightening your grip, and pulling back slightly. Not enough to hurt. Just enough to let me know you had me. Your other hand sought the back of my exposed thigh, and began creeping upward - a lazy, casual caress seeking to discover what lay beneath that tiny skirt.

I could feel you against me now, your taut chest and belly under that scratchy work uniform pressing ever-so-slightly against my back and buttocks. And I pouted inside, just a little, when I did not feel an accompanying erection.

You tugged a little harder on my hair, pulling my head back so that it nearly rested on your shoulder, and exposed my neck.

"You were a lazy little girl this morning, still sound asleep while I had to get up. You should know better than to lay asleep rather than giving me my morning blow job. I had to try to focus at work all day today while constantly fighting off distracting thoughts..." Your voice was still low, your breath a light tickle on my neck. And I tried not to grin when I felt your cock stiffening beneath your uniform, beginning to press against my skirt-clad ass. It was an absurd excuse to play - a routine morning blow job that I had "forgotten"? And I knew it, but I didn't care. It was brilliant and my belly curled in electric spirals of anticipation.

"No matter. We're going to teach you a lesson, so that you will not be tempted to be so lazy in the future." There was a long pause, and I felt the hand that had been drifting up my bare thigh find the edge of my panties. You hooked a finger under and tugged the fabric up and over, maneuvering it into a mini-wedgie, which forced the crack of my ass open ever-so-slightly.

"Turn around and look at me, you lazy little slut." You released my hair, dropped your other hand, and stepped away from me. I took a breath, squared my shoulders, and turned around. I was careful to keep the excitement from my face. I kept my eyes down-cast so that you couldn't see how aroused I was already.

"That will never do. I said, look at me." So I did. I raised my gaze, and I looked you straight in the eye, and I let you see what there was to see there. Sage green met sky blue, and sparks crackled like hot summer lightning. Looking into my eyes, you found what you needed - I knew this was a game, and more - I wanted to play. And although a smile never reached our lips, there was an echo there in the blue and the green, if you knew what to look for.

"Go to your room," you said. "March. Now."

I pretended to be sullen and contrite as I walked down the hall to the bedroom - you following close behind.

"Take off your blouse. Pull your tits out of your bra, and get on the bed. I want you on your hands and knees."

I unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it off, taking care to do so slowly, so that it seemed like I was reluctant to obey. I dipped a hand into each D-cup and gingerly pulled out each breast. With the bra still on, and the fleshy orbs resting outside of the cup, they were pushed up and out in a lewd, awkward, trashy way that demanded attention.

I reached to slip off my 4" stilettos, but was interrupted when you said "Leave them. I want them on while I'm fucking you up the ass. It will remind you to behave like the greedy, cock-hungry whore I expect you to be. On the bed. NOW."

As I moved to get into position on all fours on the bed, I snuck the quickest peek at your crotch. I could see the fabric straining to contain your gorgeous prick. You noticed that I was looking, and you flexed and made your cock jump and tug against your pants. I had to refrain from moaning - you knew how much I loved it when you did that. It reminded me of the first time you "stripped" for me, teasing me, showing off before I finally got to see your cock.

On the bed now, I deliberately did not go all the way into the position I knew you would make me - I liked to hear you say exactly how you wanted me postioned - so I stood there on all fours as though I was about to break into yoga stances at any moment. And I waited.

I was rewarded when you threw my skirt up (which had almanbahis şikayet barely been covering my ass cheek anyway), pulled the other side of my panties well into my crack (so that now I solidly had a real wedgie), and landed a sharp smack on my exposed bum. When I say it out like that, it's hard to imagine how quickly you managed to do it. But you were swift, and I did not have time to move. My ass cheek jiggled satisfyingly, and a pink hand-print rose proudly against the cream of my skin. I let out a small whimper.

"THAT is NOT the position I meant, and you know it," you said, reaching around to roughly pinch my exposed nipple. "Face down, ass up! I want full access. Spread your legs, and push that ass out. Make me believe you want whatever I have to give you more than you want to take your next breath."

The position you wanted me in drove me absolutely WILD, and you knew that very, very well. In this position, in your hands, you owned me, and my body never failed to respond to you and affirm that. Still, the game was that I had misbehaved, and so I made show of annoyance, and I huffed and sighed loudly like a defiant teenager as I raised my arms above my head, laying them flat out in front of me. This forced my face flat against the bed, and still being up on my knees, caused my back to arch. It indeed granted you quite full access to any part of my nether regions you cared to molest. The only thing between my throbbing pussy and the air were those panties, the back of which were fully wedged into the crack of my now-spread ass cheeks.

You didn't make me wait for attention long. I felt fingers toying with the edges of my undies almost immediately, while the fingers of the other hand had re-grasped my nipple and quickly went to work pulling, rolling and twisting it roughly into a stiff aching peak.

"I am going to make you BEG me to fuck you," your voice was low, throaty and threatening, and sent shivers down my spine. "I'm going to make your pussy throb and ache to be fucked. But it's not your cunt I'm going to fuck. No, beautiful, I'm going to shove my cock deep into your tight little asshole. Oh yes, I'm going to make my dirty little slut take every inch of my cock. And I'm going to make you beg me to do it." Your words made my pussy and asshole twitch and quiver.

As you spoke, your hand was busy still working the edges of my underwear. I was already quite moist by now, and my juices had soaked through the fabric. You were running your fingers up and down along under the edges, from the top in the back, inward and down the length of my ass crack (pausing tantalizingly to press teasingly at my asshole), and then down around the front, which brought your fingers out of my slit again, to the outside edge of my outer lips.

You weren't satisfied with this path for long though. Soon, you had tugged my panty edge all the way into my crack, along the entire length, and had hiked the waste band up in the front and the back, so that the fabric running along my slit was quite tight. I was gasping and panting, trying to wiggle tighter against the fabric - desperate to rub my aching pussy against the only solid contact it had. "That's a good little slut. God that looks amazing, you wiggling your little cunt against your panties - trying to get off already? I'm not nearly finished with you..." There was a sharp sting as your hand made contact with my full ass cheek to punctuate your point, and I stilled my gyrating hips.

"If you come before I get my cock in your ass, there will be more where that came from. Lay still." I almost wanted to resume wiggling against my panties to test you - to see if I could earn another swat, but every atom in my body wanted your cock in me NOW, so did not prolong the wait by disobeying.

"Hold these panties in place, right where I have them - nice and tight in your crack. You move them one millimeter and I won't fuck you at all. I'll tie you up and make you sit right here like this all night with a wet aching, un-fucked pussy." I obeyed, though it took a lot of self-control. I wanted to pull the panties even tighter and go to town - I could come very quickly this way, I knew it. With my arms down, occupied with the business of my underwear, I had no way to take the weight off my neck, shoulders and face. It was the perfect way to ensure that my ass stayed solidly up and pushed out. I moaned in the delight of it! It felt like my entire universe was in my ass and pussy, and it was there, up in the air, on display for you - just waiting for any attention, and probing or stroking or fucking you were willing to give.

You stepped back to admire your handy-work. It made quite an appealing view: my full-bottomed panties bunched into a single cord, pulled very taut and almanbahis canlı casino running the full length of my slit, splitting my ass cheeks and pussy, pushing my cunt lips to either side and trapping my clit tightly in the front. You couldn't bear to look for long. In moments, you were back behind me, and you began teasing me with your fingers.

With my undies compacted to a small strip down my slit, you had some slight access to my oozing pussy, and you kept dipping your fingers into the the slick wet honey and then running them up and down my whole crack. You would dip two fingers just BARELY into my pussy, and then slide them down the fabric toward my clit. You'd flick them over my clit a few times, and then you'd slide them back up til you were outside my puckered little asshole. You'd slip your finger in under the tight fabric, and press just a little, forcing my ass open the tiniest bit - never enough to penetrate, only enough to threaten. And all the while, your other hand worked my nipples and breasts, alternating between one and the other.

You were driving me absolutely wild, and you knew it. I was so wet that I'd coated my entire crack (with the aid of your fingers distributing it strategically). My legs had spread wider, my back had arched further. I had pushed my ass up and out as far as I thought possible, trying to press into your touch. I was whimpering and moaning, and when your fingers dipped into my cunt, or pressed against my asshole, I pressed back on you harder, in a kind of rhythmic begging with my hips, trying to encourage you to give me more. I desperately needed something MORE from you - your fingers, your cock, both, ANYTHING...

You owned me. You knew exactly what you were doing to me, and you fucking LOVED it!

"What is it, beautiful? You are squirming terribly. Is there something I can do for you?" By now you were teasing my pussy with just the top quarter of one finger, and still playing with my ass hole with another - making slow circles around the opening, pressing teasingly every once in a while.

"Please," I panted, "I need you. Please..."

"That's not really the way a dirty little whore would asked to be fucked, beautiful. And from what I'm looking at, you are most definitely a cock starved little slut. Tell your daddy what you really want, like a good little girl."

"Daddy, please. Pretty please. I'll be your good little girl, but please, I need you to fuck me," I whined.

"Why do you need to be fucked baby?"

I groaned in frustration. "Because my pussy is aching. It needs a cock so bad it hurts. Can't you see how wet I am? I want to take your cock and show you what a good little dirty girl I can be. Please, Daddy. I need you."

"Well, honey, we have two problems. The first is that you are wearing underwear still. The second is that I already told you I will not fuck your pussy tonight. I'm willing to fuck your ass, but you need to convince me you really truly want it. Now, what are we going to do about the first problem?"

"For fuck sake! Take them off! Rip them off. Leave them on... I don't care! Just fuck me please! Now!"

You didn't let me hear it, but I felt the bed shake a little with your silent chuckle.

"I don't believe you really want it beautiful. You need to convince me," you said. But still you pulled my underwear off to the side, and you slipped two fingers half-way into my sopping, begging pussy. I hadn't thought it was possible, but to show you how much I needed you, I was able to spread my legs even further, and push my ass even higher into the air, and shove my cunt back onto your fingers. I was whining, and whimpering, and trying very hard to get your fingers deeper.

"That's not going to work baby. I need to hear you."

"Daddy, please. Oh my god. Please shove your fingers into my cunt. Fuck my greedily little pussy with your fingers Daddy. I need to be fucked so bad."

And with that, at last, you shoved those two fingers home, and started pumping them in and out of me mercilessly. This just made me whine and whimper all the more, as I moved my hips as best I could to meet your thrusting fingers. "Oh, yeah, Daddy, just like that. Oh yeah..." fell from my lips in panting sighs...

"I can't let you come this way, baby," and suddenly you stopped touching me altogether. I let out a loud cry of need and protest at losing your touch, and when I saw you reach for your fly to free your cock, it turned to a deep low moan. You saw the greedy, hungry look on my face, and I licked my lips when I saw your dick spring free of your trousers.

You knelt behind me, pulled my panties further to the side, so that they were almost fully out of my slit, but still caught one pussy lip, and held it almanbahis casino open lewdly - making me look for all the world like a shameless greedy whore. Then you began lubbing your cock up by sliding it up and down my already drenched slit. I writhed against you inviting you to shove into me anywhere I could get you to. You slipped your fingers back into my pussy instead, good and deep, but let your cock rest its head at the entrance to my ass hole.

"Is this what you want, baby? I need you to tell Daddy what you want."

"Please, Daddy, I need to be fucked so bad. I don't care where, I just want your cock in me, fucking me hard."

"That's not good enough, beautiful. I need to know that you want it up your ass. That you want to take my cock all the way up that beautiful ass like a good little slut. I need to know how much you want it."

"Daddy, please," I whined, "Please shove your cock up my ass. Deep! I want to take your whole fucking cock and show you what a good little dirty whore I am - how much I love it when you fuck me in the ass!" I whimpered, desperate now. You were still fingering me wildly, but you were being careful not to let me cum, and your cock head was still pressing tantalizingly at my asshole.

"Mmmm. I'm still not convinced, darlin'. Stop squirming and get serious," you said. You slipped your fingers out of my dripping pussy, landed quick hard slap across one jiggling ass cheek, then grabbed my hips to steady them. "Spread your legs, for me baby." I did my best to oblige - moving my knees out, every muscle in my thighs taut, straining to open for you as wide as possile. "That's it. Nice and wide. Arch your back. Stick your ass out. Give it to me. Open wide for me... Show me how much you want my cock up your ass, beautiful. Good girl..." You were rewarding my efforts with long slow strokes up and down my entire crack, still dipping into my pussy every now and then. The further I spread my legs, the higher I managed to push my ass into the air, the more I arched my back and presented myself open wide for you, you pressed just a little harder with you fingers in response - gave me just a little more for encouragement.

"That's it. God, what a good little slut! You like that, do you, baby? God you just love to open up for me, don't you, you dirty fucking whore?! Mmmm. Now, grab your ass cheeks for me, baby. Oh, yes, that's a good girl," you cooed at me as I complied. "Pull 'em apart - nice and wide. Far as you can. Spread 'em. I want to see your asshole clearly. I want to watch it open for my cock when I start to fuck you - I want to watch it swallow my head. Give me a little more baby. I know you can...Oh yes, that's a good girl. Look at that beautiful ass all spread out for me, just waiting to be fucked!" God I needed you so bad - but I fucking loved how you dragged it out, and made me show you how badly I wanted what you were about to give me.

"Now keep holding that ass wide open. That shows me what a cock-hungry, dirty little slut you are - shows Daddy how much you want his thick cock buried deep in your ass..."

You were driving me insane! Through this whole speech, after I had obediently pulled my ass cheeks apart for you, you'd been using your fingers lubbed with my pussy juice to wet the outside of my asshole, and dip into it ever-so-slightly - getting it wet, teasing me, making me whine and moan for more.

"You like that baby? You want more? Tell me what you want. I want to hear you beg for what you want."

"Please," I half panted, whining shamelessly now, wiggling my ass, trying to push myself onto your teasing fingers. "Please Daddy, I want you to fuck my ass. I want you to shove your cock into my ass and fuck it deep and hard - as far as it can go. I want to take it like a good little girl - show you how good I can be. Please, Daddy, please, please, give me your fucking cock. Fuck my greedy, tight little asshole!"

"Oh, I think I can help you with that, baby. Just keep that ass spread wide for me. Even if I give you too much. I need you to take it all for me - like a good little girl.." I felt you slip your fingers down my slit one more time, and then smooth that slickness over your head and shaft. For good measure, you shoved your cock into my pussy for two long, teasing strokes, to make sure your dick was good and wet. I almost cried out when you pulled away - I didn't want you to stop. But my hands never left my ass cheeks - I kept them spread for you, like a greedy little whore.

And then your head was at my asshole, pressing, pressing, to breech that outer ring of muscle. You were careful to not force, to not hurt me, but I didn't have the patience to take it slow. I pulled my cheeks out farther, forcing that muscle to elongate and open, to relax. And I rocked back onto you.

You couldn't hold back anymore - it'd been a long torturous ride. Your head was in, swallowed up by my tight asshole. And with a groan, you gave a deep shove. The rest of the way. All the way. Straight to the hilt. Buried beep in my ass...
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