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Love me, use me, Never let me go. Quench this unbearable thirst, this fire in my soul. Give me orders MA'AM I need your control, something to fill this massive hole.
Use me, hate me, ravage me, destroy me, as long as in the end you promise to make me feel alive. For your approval I will always strive, spank my butt, slap my face, anything to please. Grab my neck, hold me down, pull my hair, only my screams and moans will be in the air. I need it, I want it, I have no fear, please don't mind my tears.
Stroke me like a harp, pluck me like a guitar string, tighten me up, and slap my face, so I scream your name. I want to feel passion, I need to feel pain, you know I have no shame. Lick me, tempt me, push me, pull me, throw me to the bed, tie me down, make me sing. I want to pass your test, I want to get my wings.
Hold me down, shatter me, make me taste ass, pew. Pick me apart, to rebuild me, I only want to please you, on my knees, waiting to serve, needing your love too, you've awaken something inside me one of the few.
You found escorts in london me cracked, empty and useless, now fixed, filled full in your service. Oh, please bite my nipples. I long for your nibbles,
Please don't leave me I promise to obey! Hold me strong so my pieces don't stray, knowing my punishment, oh how I'll pay. Here in you arms MA'AM forever I will stay.
Zelophobia: an intense fear of jealousy or of strong emotion.......
How did I become a prisoner to someone else's fears and jealousy? Gradually over time is the simple answer, it becomes normal to be berated and beaten, I even liked the pain mistaking it for love and tenderness. But that's not the interesting part of the story, the real story begins when I crawled up, fond strength, survived, that's when I found out who really loved me and who just loved the idea they had of me.
I've found I'm many different things a lover, a daughter, a lawyer, a sister, a friend, an aunt, a musician, a mentor but none of those things define me. I define me every day Escort in dubai by being loving and caring, thoughtful and helpful, each day I am reborn. I met Pixie quite by chance, a brilliant woman, author, teacher, valued friend, ten years my senior why she took interest in me puzzles me even today.
That first time she was so gentle, so loving, so tender, taking me where I didn't even know I wanted to go. I respect her, she respects me, that is love mutual respect, someone you still want to talk to after. Dazzle my mind, my body will follow, Pixie dazzles my mind even when she giggles.
She create something out of nothing, built an empire, but still hangs on my every word even when I babble, which I do a lot, so much in my head wanting out. When we make love it is tender and fun, she so cute little her night gown and robe and that British accent gets me every time.
She's in England now 3879 miles away, but still is my best lover, why? Because she dazzles my brain the biggest sex organ. That first night together when she whispered Dubai Escorts "I want to taste you" I almost orgasmed right then. I was so wet, my scent filled the room, her tongue making squishy noises as she worked me to the edge. Flooding her face with my sweet nectar, kissing her after, tasting myself on her lips.
Touching her, rubbing her, making her sing sweet music, watching her writhe in pleasure. All these things fill my brain when we talk, the sound of her voice makes me wet, trained in tenderness. Maybe it was foretold way back in the days of old, how she rocks my Irish soul, has we walk into the English moors, it feels mystic. We were born before the wind but younger then the sun. Hark now, hear my cry, smell the sea, feel the sky., When the day is done, my work complete, I don't want to fear it, I want to feel it, I'll be coming home soon. Once again you will dazzle my mind and rock my soul, from pain to tenderness, from humiliation to understanding.
I'm so glad I found my sweet Pixie and her magic room of minions. Our stories connect us in ways most of you will never understand. A bond that makes life better, she completes me, my dear friend saved me. I like, respect, the person looking back at me in the mirror again.
Thank You for Reading Yours Truly Cheryle
06 Ağustos 2022, at 04:03

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